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Dino Ranch Min Clover Vehicle Feature Vehicle Howdy! Let's get ready to join Min and Clover with the attached Care Cart on an adventure! This fun vehicle features a 5" Dino vehicle Clover and the 3" Dino Rancher Min with a removable hat. Min is the dino doctor-in-training and Clover is her dino best friend a gentle and loveable brontosaurus. Clover helps Min by pulling the 'care cart.' Watch Clover's head bobble as he moves! The cart chest opens so that your little dinosaur enthusiast can store all sorts of treasures! There are three styles to collect: Min & Clover with attached Care Cart Jon & Blitz with attached Chariot and Miguel & Tango with attached Tow Rig. Collect them all and watch your child recreate their favorite scenes from the hit children's show Dino Ranch. Plus these kid's toys make great additions to your little rancher's growing stable of pre-westoric friends! Dino Ranchers Ride!

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