Hoberman Mini Rings Sphere


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Hoberman Mini Rings Sphere "Wow!!" Thats always the first reaction to the Hoberman Mini Rings Sphere Kids love it Parents love it Grandparents love it Even dogs love it Once you pick it up you wont be able to put it down… so you better get your own It is the portable version the one you take in the car keep on your desk or bring to school (dont tell your teachers we said that) The Mini Sphere also magically expands from 5" to 12" and it is addictive just TRY to put it down Perfect for kids and stressed-out adults Why not give these tricks a try? Flip Down Hold the closed Sphere by one hub on top of your open palm Flip the Sphere over and watch it open then flip it back to the top of your palm and let it close When you've mastered this try it with your other hand Open Bounce Hold the Sphere fully open with two hands and throw it down to the floor If you spin it towards you it will bounce back Two-Handed Open-to-Close Spin Hold the opposite hubs of an open Sphere between your thumbs and first two fingers Using your thumbs twirl the Sphere backwards as you close it and push in so the hubs are spinning on the palms of your hands This takes practice but looks really cool Floor Spin Open the Sphere and place it on the floor Holding the upper hub spin the Sphere and watch it move Try spinning it on a hub then a triangle then a pentagon – notice the different way it moves on each of these shapes.

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