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Macula 30+ Eye Health 60 Softgels Quantum Health Promotes Macular Health as You Age 30 mg Lutein 6 mg Zeaxanthin 300 mg Omega-3 Vitamins C & E Dietary Supplement Right ingredients right ratios. Each nutrient was selected to work hard together to create a formula that provides optimal macular protection and visual performance. Lutein and Zeaxanthin The 5:1 ratio in our formula is the ratio found in nature. These macular nutrients help filter blue light and support visual performance. Omega-3 Helps maintain normal retinal integrity. Zinc Helps transport important nutrients to the macula. Vitamin E Works with lutein and Omega-3 to maintain normal eye health. Vitamin C Provides powerful antioxidant support for the retina and blood vessels in the eye. Eye Health A healthy macula is a critical part of the eye for vision throughout life. It is constantly under stress and as we age many people develop significant problems that impact their vision. Macula 30+ was formulated by one of the world s leading experts in eye health nutrition to help maintain normal macular density and promote macular health as you age. In addition to fortifying the macula this formula also supports health visual performance which includes the ability to see in low light and the ability to recovery from glare.

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