Regina and Margo’s Sarasota Summer Adventures: Adventure Series: Book 1


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Regina and Margo's Sarasota Summer Adventures: Adventure Series: Book 1 Join the unforgettable duo of Regina and Margo as they embark on a thrilling journey in the charming town of Sarasota, where every summer is filled with mystery, adventure, and their mischievous grandparents' remarkable pets. Regina and Margo are no ordinary sisters. Every year, when the warm winds of summer embrace Sarasota, they eagerly pack their bags and head to their grandparents' enchanting beach home. The moment they step through the front door, they know their next great adventure is about to unfold. But these are no ordinary adventures. The sisters have always had a special connection with their grandparents' pets, and it seems that every year, one of these extraordinary animals leads them on an incredible mystery, filled with secrets, magic, and wonder.

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