Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Inflatable Jetpack


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Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Inflatable Jetpack People have misconceptions about flight; they tend to romanticize it. But try to understand something: if you are a Space Ranger like Buzz Lightyear, then flying is kind of your job. And we all know how a job can pretty much zap the fun right out of something. So we are here to promote more recreational flying. We figure if Buzz sees a bunch of rangers using their jetpacks for leisure trips, maybe he'll finally take a vacation day or two. Fly away to infinity and beyond (for fun!) with this licensed Buzz Lightyear Jetpack, and find out for yourself how exhilarating flying can be (when its done outside normal office hours). It is inflatable, with attached wings, and features Buzz signature hues of purple and green. This accessory is the perfect way to finish off your Buzz Lightyear costume or add to a Toy Story group theme! Now, strap on this pack, ranger, make you best super serious Buzz face, and maybe we'll catch up with you somewhere over Maui.

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