Our Deal of the Week is a Tuk Tuk doll that rolls and makes sounds. If you don’t know who Tuk Tuk is join the club. I love Disney movies but let’s face it there are over 2,100 Disney characters out there surprised I had no idea who Tuk Tuk was when he showed up on our door, but he is really cute and deserves a great new home.

Speaking of Disney, I’ve lived in Florida for almost 12 years now and the closest I’ve made it to Disney World was going to Downtown Disney on Christmas many years ago. Unfortunately for us, it was completely under construction. I do plan on getting there one day to see all of the magic I hear so much about. I have learned, while talking about Disney with an aficionado, NEVER NEVER EVER think or say that Universal Studios is part of Disney. That was a day I will never forget.