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  • Color: Silver
  • Hollywood Fashion Tape Perfume Atomizer 1 Refillable Perfume Atomizer: Buy Hollywood Fashion Tape Decorative Perfume Bottles – Hollywood Fashion Tape Perfume Atomizer 1

    • Fragrance Atomizer Diffuser: This perfume atomizer from Hollywood Fashion Secrets lets you refill your favorite fragrance from a typical scent bottle in a matter of seconds. It works better than usual perfume bottles, and they only spray perfume in the spot you want!
    • Durable Leak-proof Perfume Sprayer: This perfume atomizer features a high-quality aluminum outer shell and an eco-friendly glass inner container. It is durable and does not quickly shatter when it falls on the floor – making it safe from leakage!
    • Refills Easily & Quickly: Perfume atomizers do the rescue! This leak-proof sprayer adapts to all fragrance bottles and refills with ease. Fill from the bottom; spray from the top. Easy-peasy! It also reduces waste and mess and dispenses up to 70 spritzes!
    • Fragrance On-The-Go: Effectuate your favorite perfume with you and leave your full-sized bottle at home! Its discreet size fits comfortably in your pocket or purse, making it more convenient for applying perfumes on the go! Perfect item for anyone who wants a fresh mist of perfume or to travel with!
    • From Your Fashion Fix-it Expert: Hollywood Fashion Secrets continues to provide innovative products to keep yourself as put-together as your favorite Hollywood stars with stylist secret weapons! Products are designed to help women feel their most confidence everywhere, anytime!

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