SHARPER IMAGE Cordless Deep-Tissue Neck and Back Massager with 6 Swappable Heads

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Deep-tissue massage

Long day at the office? Spent hours working in the yard? Unwind after all that tension with the Sharper Image Cordless Deep-Tissue Massager wand, which provides a deep kneading action to work muscles and provide a relaxing sensation.

Interchangeable nodes

Customize your massage experience by swapping out the attachment for one to suit your needs. This wand comes with six different nodes, each with a different impact on your tense back, shoulders or neck. They range from wide for broad massages to narrow to pinpoint problem areas.

Compact and cordless versatility

The compact and cordless design is versatile and easy for bringing with you anywhere. Pack it in your luggage to unwind after a long flight, or keep it in your office to combat tension before it has a chance to settle in. All you need is to charge it up beforehand.


✔ Deep tissue massage

✔ Interchangeable nodes

✔ 3 intensity settings

✔ Ergonomic handle

✔ Rechargeable


  • 6 swappable heads

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