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What is blue light?
BLUE LIGHT is It protects the eyes of users who use computers for long periods can irritate the optic nerve and cause eye fatigue and cause sleep disorders, dry eyes, and retinal damage.
To People who work in front of Screen for a long time.

Waryong Anti Blue light film is not optional but essential.

● Anti blue light
● Anti-Glare
● Ultra clear Vision
● Transparent color
● screen protection

● Anti Blue light Film
● Clear adhesive attachment strips
● Microfiber cloth
* Components may vary depending on the timing of supply.

[SIZE] Diagonal Length : 12.5″ ~ 32″ Aspect Ratio : 16:9 / 16:10 / 5:4
– If the size of the film matches the size of the LCD monitor before installation,
remove the protective vinyl on both sides, wipe the film clean with a cleaning towel, and install the film.
1. Hanger type fixing tabs
– Hanger type fix tabs to Attach 2 pieces the left and right sides and bottom of the monitor bezel.
– Place the privacy film between the fixing tabs and the screen.
2. Adhesive tape
– Attach to the edge of the LCD monitor and remove the protective tape
– Attach the Anti Blue light film to fit the edges

– Before purchasing a film, please measure the width and height (excepting the bezel length) of the monitor you are using and select the size!
– Make sure that the size is correct before install and remove the protective vinyl on both sides of the product before install.
The anti blue light test was tested with optical equipment from a professional inspection agency.
When testing with a regular blue light pen, the test results may vary depending on the environment and type of blue light pen.


  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT Protector effectively can block blue light of visible light from 380nm to 480nm, up to 95.8%.
  • REDUCE EYE STRAIN & SLEEP BETTER It reduces your eye strain and headache caused by prolonged computer use, and helps improve sleep quality by blocking blue light that interferes with your sleep.
  • DOUBLE SIDE & TOUCH SCREEN It can be used double-side by that the matt surface has an anti-glare and the gloss surface has a clear picture. Also, it works smoothly on the touch screen.
  • ANTI-GLARE Unlike the cover of acrylic or glass with glare, it can reduce eye strain because it is a type of film with anti-glare.
  • SCREEN PROTECTION It has a 2H hardness with a hard-coated film(HC) to protect from Physical damage and scratch.

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